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Turkey shall employ qualified and experienced teams in the private space for your brand in general, we assume the management of your department and workplace.

Event Marketing:
We realize your sales and marketing goals, we offer professional solutions.

With a professional mentality, we manage and payroll the staff employed by companies in positions other than their main activities.

One of the main goals of our company is to increase efficiency while reducing costs.
Our company will declare to you all the documents you request while fulfilling the requirements of all labor and labor law regulations.

Benefits of Payroll Services:
* Providing Cost Savings,
* Transferring the Costs to the Right Centers,
* Fixing Costs Per Person,
* Increased Service Control,
* Saving Time.

Other Services;
– Arrangement of Service Contracts
– Scoring Tracking
– Closed Payroll Application
– Release and Waiver Procedures
– Severance and Notice Compensation Procedures
– Preparation of Personnel Wage Payrolls
– Preparation of SGK Declarations and Income Tax (Withholding) Declarations, Receiving Accruals
– Preparation of All Kinds of Declarations and Lists to be Submitted to Official Institutions

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